Exam Dates

MONDAY 18TH MAY - 9am - LITERATURE - UNIT 1: 2 hours
Of Mice and Men and Unseen Poetry
FRIDAY 22ND MAY - 9am - LITERATURE - UNIT 2: 2 hours
A Chrismas Carol and Blood Brothers
TUESDAY 2nd JUNE -9am - ENGLISH/ENGLISH LANGUAGE - 2 hours 15 mins
Reading Non-Fiction and Writing

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Literature Revision

Do you know your texts well?

Your exams for Literature are CLOSED BOOK - this means that you will NOT have a book to refer to, and instead will have to use your memory.

In February you will be sitting TWO MOCK LITERATURE EXAMS as well as another mock language exam. You should be revising now - creating a folder of revision resources and activities.

Here's some things your folder should include:

·         Notes made from a revision website – BBC bitesize, shmoop, sparknotes

·         A list of key quotations

·         Plot outline

·         Storyboard of main parts of the plot

·         Plot flow chart

·         Character list

·         Context information – when was it written? Where is it set? Author?

·         How does that context information link to the plot?

·         Past questions and plans/answers

·         http://gcseenglishwhs.blogspot.co.uk/  - the school blog has links to the exam website where past papers are, as well as other revision links

·         List of key themes from each text

·         Quotations that link to that key theme

·         Key extract from each text, annotated concentrating on the author’s use of language

·         Mind maps – linked to past questions

·         Annotated copies of the whole text – for Of Mice and Men and A Christmas Carol – harder to do for Blood Brothers unless you buy yourself a copy.

·         Use youtube – there are videos on for each text – make notes from those films/tutorials

·         Create your own revision resource and share it on youtube or on a blog – a video or animation.

·         Talk to someone about the text. Explain the plot to the cat.

·         Use flashcards to learn quotations – these can either be real cards or you can use www.cram.com or quizlet.com

·         Use https://getrevising.co.uk to create your own revision planner. They also provide lots of revision tools such as mind maps, crosswords, revision cards, revision notes. Some are made for you, some you can make yourself. Your exam board for literature is WJEC
Use the blue/green sheets you were given at parents evening for other revision activities.

Monday, 7 September 2015

GCSE English - what to do with your extra days ...

Hello Year 10 and 11! We're sorry you won't be in English lessons until the 14th of September, but in the meantime there is plenty you could be doing to ensure that when you do return to lessons, you are switched on and ready to learn.

Year 11

Revise the exam text you have already studied: Of Mice and Men or Blood Brothers. Use the links on the right of this page to find revision resources. Make notes, test yourself, and learn the context as well as the plot and characters. Make a list of key quotations and learn them.

Research the exam texts you will be studying this year: Of Mice and Men, Blood Brothers and A Christmas Carol. Research the author, the context as well as the plot.

Read non-fiction texts. Read as many news articles as you can here: http://www.theguardian.com/uk
For each article, make notes on what you have learnt about the subject; try to summarise the information. Read between the lines and try to identify any hidden agenda. What is the opinion of the writer?

Read an autobiography. Think about how the writer expresses their thoughts and feelings - if you haven't a library card, go to Withernsea library and join.

Year 10

Revise 'Animal Farm' - one of your first lessons back will be a test to see how much you know.
Use http://www.sparknotes.com/lit/animalfarm/ and look for new information that you didn't already know. Read about the context, and the notes on the different chapters. Make notes. Make a list of key quotations and learn them. Draw posters of the key images, themes and motifs.

As above, for year 11, read non-fiction texts. The news, autobiographies and opinion columns. Try to summarise, in 50 words, what you have learnt from each one.

For GCSE English the best thing you can do is to read - read fiction, newspapers, websites - learn new words, broaden your mind, and increase your imagination. Reading has been shown to reduce stress, to increase the capacity of your memory - as well as making you more interesting and attractive!  10 reasons why reading is important.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Revising English!

1. Read the news. BBC news Pick out the key pieces of information. What four things do you learn from each article?
2. Read opinion articles in preparation for question 6.  Opinion articles More opinion articles
3. Look at past papers and plan answers for questions 5 and 6. Write those answers and give them to your teacher to mark. Past papers
4. For question 5, read lots of informative, descriptive articles. Travel writing would be a good place to start. Travel articles
5. Speed up how fast you read. Practise with Spreeder.

Monday, 19 January 2015

English/English Language Exam Help

Past Exam Papers

For English and English Language - they can be found here. Look for Unit 1, then make sure you choose the right tier, foundation or higher.

English Literature past papers can be found here.
Unit 1 is OMAM and Unseen Poetry.
Unit 2 - make sure you choose 2b, NOT 2a to access the Blood Brothers and Christmas Carol papers.

Practice at home and give them to your teacher, or check your answers yourself by using the mark schemes.